Lake Harriet concert

So we've been getting inquiries about our annual concert at Lake Harriet and here's the scoop - we are NOT playing at the bandshell this summer. And that fact has brought up quite a few questions, so we'll try to briefly address them.

#1 - We have NOT retired! Yikes! We have upcoming shows in the Twin Cities planned for both Christmas and Valentine's Day, so please come and see us then. And for those shows, we can promise - no planes and no mosquitoes!

#2 - It just didn't work with our schedule this year. We only had one weekend available and if we had taken it, it would've meant saying no to a couple of family commitments that we wanted to make. Family won.

#3 - Financial reality. The Minneapolis Park & Rec Department stopped paying performers over 10 years ago. We continued doing the concerts because we knew our audience loved the venue and the Park & Rec helped us pay for the mailing we would send. They stopped doing that a couple of years ago, so the past few years we have been paying to play at the bandshell hoping to offset the expense with CD sales. Last year with the rain, we got soaked. Literally, too!

So, keep an eye on the tour schedule and we'll hope to see you down the road!

– Neal & Leandra